Who am I?

I’m David O’Donoghoe, an Actor  from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia,
who does NOT write about himself in the 3rd Person.
Well, OK.. apart from that last bit.
If you’re a Casting Director, and reading this..,
You probably don’t want to know that in year 6,
I starred in a Gender-Swapped, Comedy version of Cinderella
(which is true, by the way).
All the Vital Stats are in the table below.
Vital Stats
Name David O'Donoghoe
Age 55 (but really handsome)
Height 174cm / 5ft 8 inches
Eyes Yes, 2. Pretty Blue in colour
Weight 69kg / 152 pounds
Shirt Size Usually Men's "S", depending on style
Trouser Size Usually size 30, maybe smaller?
Shoe Size Size 9

How can I help You?

I’m available for:

  • Film / Short Film
  • TV
  • Corporate & Explainer Video
  • TV Commercials
  • Online Commercials
  • Theatre
  • Voice Acting
  • Video Games / Animation
  • Narration
  • Radio Ads

Download my CV

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Why Me?

  1. Fully COVID 19 Vaccinated.
  2. I make every effort to ensure that you enjoy having me on set. Prepared, Punctual, Personable, Professional.
  3. Experienced.
    I’ve been involved in both Big Budget productions,
    and Small.
    Numerous corporate jobs, and Yes, I have worked with Autocue.
  4. Adaptable.
    Not only can I memorise a script, and bring a character to life,
    but if I don’t know an accent, I can learn it. Quickly.
    Australian, British, American, French, Russian – No problem!