Voice Over: Radio Ad – Springwood Pharmacy

Interpreting the script correctly,  is an immensely important part of the skill set of the Voice Over Artist. Rather than having a “Radio Voice” than you use on EVERYTHING,it is vital to know who the intended audience is likely to be.What sort of person, and what tonality, would they respond well to? To ‘hear’ the […]

Aaagh! Auto Caps!

Being a  Voice Over Artist, you wear many hats: Actor. Producer. Sound Engineer. Graphic Designer. Video Editor. Admin. Marketing. Sales. Depending on how you like to work, the sales role can involve many hours of researching potential clients, and writing MANY emails. When emailing, one thing which has really annoyed me, is my computer’s insistence in […]

My poor Macbook Pro

It has been a faithful companion, and witnessed many changes in my life.It’s a 13″ (and yes, it makes me squirm to talk about inches,rather than centimetres) Dual Core 2.5 i5 with 8GB.It came with 256GB SSD Storage, though around 2016, I was feeling a little brave,and upgraded the internal drive to a 500GB SSD.(Though […]

The things we take for granted..

The ads started following me everywhere. Facebook, Instagram.. But the internet knew I’d be interested. “What’s that you say, Circle.Life? 100gb per month for $28? TWICE the amount of data than Optus offered, and for $20 less? Sounds great. I’m in.” So I started the process ofchanging Telcos.. How did that progress? There was the […]