Interpreting the script correctly,  is an immensely important part of the skill set of the Voice Over Artist.

Rather than having a “Radio Voice” than you use on EVERYTHING,
it is vital to know who the intended audience is likely to be.
What sort of person, and what tonality, would they respond well to?

To ‘hear’ the voice inside your head.

In this instance, the ad required a warm, friendly, trustworthy tone, as if talking to your dear old Mum, or Nanna.

Obviously, I contributed Voice Over,
but also handled Audio Editing, and Production.

I used a very Problem vs Solution approach, in both my Voice Over,
and in how I handled the Audio Production.
Yes, the coughing sound effect was actually me,
and not from a stock sound effects library.
In retrospect, I could have gone a bit heavier with the Reverb/Echo in the first part,
but I’m very happy with the way that the ‘sunny’ music starts on the “Solution” part of the ad.

Want my voice for your project?

Radio Ads. TV Commercials. Explainer Videos. Corporate Narration. Documentaries.

Also available for Audio Editing, and Production