Being a  Voice Over Artist, you wear many hats:

Actor. Producer. Sound Engineer. Graphic Designer. Video Editor. Admin. Marketing. Sales.

Depending on how you like to work, the sales role can involve many hours of researching potential clients, and writing MANY emails.

When emailing, one thing which has really annoyed me, is my computer’s insistence in auto-capitalising words.

Sometimes it guesses correctly, but quite often I find myself backspacing, to correct it’s auto-capitalisation.

The good news is that you can switch this off.


1. Go to your Apple Menu, and select ‘System Preferences’
Apple Menu

2. Select ‘Keyboard’

System Preferences

3. Click on the ‘Capitalise words automatically’  Checkbox, to de-select it.

Auto Capitalise

4. Close the window, and you’re done!

No more frustrating Auto Caps!