It has been a faithful companion, and witnessed many changes in my life.
It’s a 13″ (and yes, it makes me squirm to talk about inches,
rather than centimetres) Dual Core 2.5 i5 with 8GB.
It came with 256GB SSD Storage, though around 2016, I was feeling a little brave,
and upgraded the internal drive to a 500GB SSD.
(Though I would NOT be brave enough to attempt that with an iMac!)

For noodling around on the internet, tweaking my WordPress site etc,
it is still a nice speedy little machine.
Even for basic photo editing with the Photos App, and Pixelmator, it’s just fine.
BUT for Video and Audio editing..?
Well, here’s the problem.
When you ask it to do too much, the processor heats up.
When the processor heats up, the fan kicks in, and can be quite noisy.
The noise IS a big issue if you’re recording, but that’s not been an issue so far.
Recording takes place at the start of a session, and is not very processor intensive.
HOWEVER when editing?
A different story altogether.
You’ve tracked your audio, done your major points of trimming, and fades..
It’s when you start your processing, that it really becomes an issue.

By the way, I use Apple’s “Logic Pro X” for all my recordings

My Channel strip usually consists of the built in noise gate
(it saves me from having to get over-particular with my edits)
I then Run Izotope’s (Amazing!) Mouth De-Click Module,
a Compressor to tighten up the peaks and troughs in level
and then some EQ (You know, scoop out the frequencies below 70hz,
an little boost around the 5khz mark to give it a little ‘air’, that sort of thing)
It’s during this procedure, that the Poor Little MacBook’s fan kicks in.

Today, I was editing merrily away, I was wearing my Beyer Dynamic DT770s,
so I could KINDA hear that the fans had kicked in..
but I really wasn’t paying too much attention..
UNTIL a message appeared on the screen to the effect of
(and yes, I really should have photographed it)
“Project could not play because of System Overload”
I’ll just shut you down, and let you cool off a bit.

It’s true. I’ve been casting my beady eye in the general direction of one of those new Macbook Pro 16″‘s
6 Processing Cores and 16GB of RAM??
I.. I.. could record in 24 bit / 96 khz! Run a whole PILE of Plugins!
It would also mean that the processor would not heat up as much,
and I could get more work done.

BUT here’s the problem.
AS nice as that would be, the new machines run the Catalina operating system,
and the IZOTOPE Plugins are not compatable with it …….yet!
All of which means
that I have to stick with my lovely old computer for a little while yet.
But.. it’s almost time to re-assign my trusty old steed to lighter duties.

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