The ads started following me everywhere.
Facebook, Instagram..
But the internet knew I’d be interested.
“What’s that you say, Circle.Life? 100gb per month for $28?
TWICE the amount of data than Optus offered, and for $20 less?
Sounds great. I’m in.”
So I started the process ofchanging Telcos..
How did that progress?
There was the slight issue of their database not being able to verify
my identity.
This was totally My Fault, for daring to have an apostrophe in my name.
The online form told me to write my name EXACTLY as it appears on my licence,
which requires an apostrophe.
Why is that a problem?
Well, it’s a problem because their system believes that an apostrophe is NOT a valid character.
So OK then.. let’s leave the apostrophe out.
Nope. It doesn’t match the licence database.
Yes, it’s an annoyance, but it has happened before, and is very likely to happen again.
Eventually the issue was solved, and I could move on with the application
Yes, my number would need to be ported across from Optus,
but that process could not be started until I received my new SIM,
and activated it.
The SIM was sent, and it arrived very promptly, and it was activated on Friday afternoon.
The team from Circle.Life sent me an email advising that because my previous Telco was Optus, the porting of my number around 48 Hours..
so just keep using your Optus SIM for now.
48 hours REALLY means two business days, NOTHING was going to happen over the weekend, so I merrily kept using my Optus SIM, as I normally would.

Life continued on, as it normally does.
I recorded six audition pieces.
Had lunch, and decided to place a follow up call to the IVR firm I had emailed yesterday.
Call failed.
Hmm maybe I should try the 1300 number..
Call failed.
Oh, There must be something wrong with their phones..
I ate lunch, then tried again.
Nope. Oh.. that’s taking a while to fix,
I hope it doesnt affect their business too severely.
So, I left the house, to go and buy groceries,
and have a sneaky little coffee at the local cafe.
It was there that I discovered that I have NO PHONE SERVICE AT ALL.
No calls. No Data. OOOPS.
Yes, it was there that I realised,
that OPTUS had finished porting my number across to the new provider.
“That’s OK, I’ll just use the cafe’s WIFI.” I thought.
No. You won’t. The cafe has no wifi.
So.. I was totally disconnected.
Yes, there was the thought of:
“What if someone needs to contact me?”
Chances are good that they won’t.
Phone calls are becoming rarer,
and I can otherwise wait an hour or so to attend to anything else.
So.. Yes..
We take it for granted that we’ll be connected,
whether that’s via a cellular connection,
or WIFI.
If we lose that connection, it can be a little disconcerting,
but the world is not going to end.